Portraiture in Vancouver


While I am proud of the images that I display here, much of this work is in the past.  I had a lot of fun exploring new ways to photograph people, beyond weddings and family portraits. This challenged my abilities in lighting, directing, and managing a scene. I explored new ways to approach a shoot and stretched myself beyond my comfort zone.  That was the biggest reward.  Growing one’s skills is always found beyond one’s comfort zone.  That is what I found with these photo sessions.  Below are examples shoots that I designed.  I was inspired by 1930’s/1940’s style photography, and I selected models, locations, make-up artists and hair stylists that would collaborate with me to bring my vision to life.  These were hours of work, and much running around to find wardrobe pieces and furniture pieces.  The resulting images convey the drama, intensity and vulnerability that echo portraits from the Golden Age of Hollywood.


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