Fashion Photography

A couple months ago Peter sent me an email stating that he met another photographer in Aldergrove who had this beautiful horse.  This horse has been in a commercial or two, and well behaved, and would be great to use in a shoot.  I was in.   After confirming a day with Christa, our trusted makeup artist and hair stylist, we started looking at female and male models.  We also rented clothing for this shoot, and spent an afternoon wandering through the warehouse, searching for a few items that caught our eye.  I think the pieces we chose worked well with our vision.  The dress that Mihola is wearing is something that I have wanted to use for a while, and it fit right in with her colouring and our concept.  After searching through many models, Peter and I decided on Renee and Mihola, whom you see here.  They were amazing to work with.  I really liked Mihola’s exotic look and Renee had a contrasting “innocent” look.  We left the makeup concept up to Christa, as we wanted her to be creative.  Everything came together on the day of the shoot.  The models showed up on time, and we all arrived at the farm to shoot in good time.  The weather was great, and everything felt very relaxed.  Peter and I work very well together, and we have fun too.


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