Lauren: In Colour

I have been a little back logged with images lately.  I have this problem in that I do not like the edit part of photography.  I would just rather be out shooting.  Part of the issue is that I am using a fairly old computer and the combination of large files and not a lot of RAM create a very time consuming process.  So, as I write this, my new computer is in the mail, being shipped directly to my house.  It should arrive next week.  With a newer, faster computer, I should be able to process these images much quicker.  No more waiting for Photoshop to open, it will just be there!   So those patient models who have been waiting for their stunning work to be sent to them will finally get their files.  I hope they will be worth the wait.

This is Lauren.  It was a evening shoot in Hazel Grove Farms in Fort Langley.  After some unexpected cancellations from other models, Lauren was the one that saved the day.  Thanks to Christa Gallant for her hair and makeup styling.

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